21.09.2020CIE Newsletter Semptember #37Leggi
07.09.2020CIE 241:2020 Recommended Reference Solar Spectra for Industrial Applications disponibile per l’acquisto qui . Il documento cancella e sostituisce CIE 085-1989 “Solar spectral irradiance”Leggi
22.07.2020CIE tutorials on Colorimetry and Visual Appearance 28 e 29 luglio 2020Leggi
03.07.2020CIE Newsletter July #36Leggi
22.06.2020Enhancement of Images for Colour-Deficient ObserversLeggi
08.06.2020Proceedings of the 29th Session of the CIE Washington D.C., USA, June 14-22, 2019 Vol.2
Vol. 1 disponibile per l’acquisto qui
12.05.2020CIE Position Statement on Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation to Manage the Risk of COVID-19 TransmissionLeggi
12.05.2020Release of a CIE Position Statement on the use of Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation to
Manage the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission
20.04.2020CIE Newsletter April #35Leggi
02.04.2020Launch of a Toolboox to support the use of CIE S 026:2018Leggi
26.03.2020Supporting the global action to reduce the transmission of COVID-19
CIE releases two key publications on ultraviolet radiation disinfection – for FREE
24.03.2020CIE press release – New Publications March 2020Leggi